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Since our focus was designed to be architectural, our coating line’s capability was developed to support a wide range of fabricated metal including aluminum balcony rails, railings, louvers, sun screens, geodesic space frames, walkway covers, roofing panels, automatic entrance ways and extrusions.

Our areas of expertise include extra-long lengths up to (42’- 0”), multi-color (masking) finishes and shapes with geometry that require a good deal of reinforced painting to ensure good coverage in hard to hit areas such as deep pockets and recesses. This is made possible by using highly skilled painters making both large and small jobs within our area of competence.

The product envelope for pretreating and painting is normally 8′- 0″ high x 3′- 6″ wide (to accommodate curved railings and balcony returns) and up to 42′- 0″ long, but larger profiles may be possible with prior arrangement for specialty tooling. The normal maximum weight of any single component is 700 lb. but aluminum trellises up to 2000 lb. have been successfully painted and cured.

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